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What Type of Immigration Assistance is Available to Immigrants?

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Immigration law is highly complex and often confusing to try and understand without the help of an experienced attorney. Many immigrants mistakenly think they have no viable legal options or need help knowing where to seek help. This often leads to immigrants not understanding their rights or what they can do if faced with immigration issues.

However, an experienced immigration attorney can assist non-citizens by explaining their rights and advising them of assistance that may be available. Therefore, if you or a family member is dealing with an immigration legal issue, it is in your best interest to contact a lawyer who can explain your rights and advise you on what steps you should take to protect your pathway to citizenship.

What Are Some Immigration Assistance Services Available to Non-Citizens?

Because immigration law can be complicated, most individuals would greatly benefit from having a skilled lawyer on their side. There are a great many immigration assistance services available that, include:

  •  Adjustment of status
  •  Asylum
  •  Consular processing
  •  Family-based immigration petitions
  •  Green card renewal applications
  •  Naturalization
  •  Removal proceedings
  •  Special immigrant juvenile status
  •  Temporary protected status
  •  U and T visas for victims of human trafficking or crime
  •  Work authorization

Although an immigrant can deal with these actions on their own, they stand a greater chance of success if they have an attorney on their side.

Can Non-Citizens Remain in the Country if They Have Been the Victim of a Crime?

For non-citizens who have been victims of crime, the USCIS offers programs that help immigrants remain and work in the United States for up to four years after being granted U visas.

However, victims must have had a crime committed against them that qualifies for U visas. Some of the qualifying crimes include:

  •  Domestic violence
  •  Hate crimes.
  •  Human trafficking
  •  Involuntary servitude
  •  Sexual assault

A U visa may be extended for up to four years in certain circumstances. Additionally, crime victims may also apply for permanent residency. However, one critical stipulation for crime victims to obtain a visa is that they must be willing to cooperate with law enforcement officials to prosecute those who have committed criminal acts against them.

Can an Immigration Attorney Help Me With Removal Proceedings?

Many non-citizens mistakenly believe that, like other criminal proceedings in the United States, they will be provided an attorney. However, even though a non-citizen has the legal option of having an attorney represent them, the government is not obligated to give them one free.

Removal/deportation proceedings are, in actuality, civil in nature. Nevertheless, the government can pursue such actions against non-citizens if they have accepted a plea deal or received a criminal conviction. Many removal cases are based on the non-citizen being involved in criminal activities.

During removal proceedings, a U.S. attorney will represent the government just as a prosecuting attorney represents the state’s interests. For this reason, any individual facing deportation or removal proceedings are represented by an experienced immigration attorney who will ensure their rights are protected.

If you or a family member are facing removal proceedings, it is best to contact a skilled immigration lawyer immediately. Our law firm’s attorneys are passionately committed to providing aggressive representation to immigrants.

Why Should I Choose Your Law Firm to Help Me With Immigration Assistance Services?

Our law firm has a proven track record of being able to assist individuals and families with a wide array of immigration legal services. Our legal team recognizes that any immigration legal issue can be confusing and cause you to feel extremely overwhelmed.

We understand that it can be challenging to be in a foreign country and not understand the options available to help you. However, our entire legal staff is unwavering in its desire to help families and provide assistance to help them obtain the American dream on their pathway to citizenship.

If we agree to take your case, we will explore your legal options and create a custom legal strategy tailored to your specific legal needs. Our law firm can also direct you to local community resources that can assist you with other vital needs.

Contact SwagatUSA LLC at 773-825-8695 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and fight for your legal rights.

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