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It can be daunting if you or a family member wants a green card to work and live in the United States legally. Employment-based immigration law is often complicated with complex legal issues that can take a great deal of time to fully complete.

Nevertheless, with the assistance of a skilled immigration lawyer, you may be able to shorten the time it takes to obtain a green card and eventually obtain United States citizenship. The SwagatUSA, LLC Chicago immigration lawyers can give you an honest assessment of your case and see how we may be able to assist you. Contact our immigration law office today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled Chicago immigration attorneys.

How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Green Card?

Green cards are in high demand because they allow foreign workers and other non-U.S. citizens the ability to work and gain permanent residency within the United States. After three or five years, the foreign worker may qualify for United States citizenship.

However, the time it takes to obtain a green card depends on whether you apply from inside or outside the United States.

  •  Applying from within the United States: For family members such as spouses, parents, or minor-aged children applying through adjustment of status, the wait time is approximately 13.5 to 23.5 months. For individuals or spouses who wish to acquire a green card for employment authorization, the wait time can run up to two years or more.
  •  Applying from outside of the United States: If you are a spouse of an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen who is applying from outside of the U.S. through consular processing, the current wait is approximately 13-15 months. However, other individuals, such as foreign employees, are subject to country caps.

However, individuals trying to secure a green card should be prepared to wait for immigration services to complete the necessary paperwork to become a permanent resident. However, with the assistance of a skilled Chicago immigration lawyer, you may be able to cut down on the time you have to wait significantly.

Our law firm has extensive experience handling citizenship law and will work diligently to help you and your family members with immigration matters.

What Can Prevent An Individual From Obtaining An Immigrant Visa?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has strict immigration laws that govern who can enter the country and apply for citizenship or permanent residency.

Some of the most common issues individuals may face during the immigration process when trying to obtain green cards include:

  •  Criminal history
  •  Employment status
  •  Lack of connection to the U.S. through family immigration or employment.

Any criminal history can cause you to be denied a green card, mainly cases involving domestic violence, drugs, or prostitution.

Another common reason an individual is denied a green card is they have filled out the paperwork incorrectly. Immigration paperwork can be confusing and easily denied, such as when the correct documentation is not included.

Therefore, it is in your best interests to allow an experienced immigration attorney, such as those of SwagatUSA, LLC, to assist you with filing the necessary paperwork to be sure it is completed correctly and in a timely manner.

What Is The Labor Certification Process?

The permanent labor certification process (PERM) is governed by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA). The main goal of PERM is to determine whether hiring a non-US citizen for a job would prevent U.S. citizens from obtaining the same type of employment.

Before an employer can legally hire non-U.S. citizens, they must obtain a PERM certification. After obtaining the certification, the employer can apply for an employment-based immigration visa for a foreign worker. However, in some cases, employers may procure a National interest waiver if the job fits into a particular category established under immigration laws.

The USCIS then reviews the application to determine whether or not the position being applied for is comparable to the job assessed previously by the ETA. Secondly, the ETA also determines whether or not foreign employees are qualified to meet the job requirements of the job in question.

Can Your Chicago Immigration Lawyers Provide The Legal Services Needed To Obtain A Green Card?

SwagatUSA, LLC is a law firm dedicated to helping individuals with immigration petitions and obtaining green cards for foreign employment authorization. Our law firm has enjoyed high success helping individuals with immigration cases and would be pleased to assist you with your needs.

Our extremely professional legal team is pleased to be able to offer clients personalized service as we try to help you achieve your immigration goals. Because of our work with prior immigration cases and naturalization law, we clearly understand what it takes to achieve results for the immigrant community. Our immigration law firm is proud to assist with your needs to better your chances of obtaining the American dream.

Contact SwagatUSA, LLC at 773-825-8695 to schedule an initial consultation with a Chicago immigration attorney and learn how we can assist you with immigration matters.