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If you or a family member have received a notice to appear in a deportation case, you probably feel frightened and uncertain about where to turn for help.

The immigration court system and deportation process require the help of an experienced attorney. Unfortunately, many immigrants facing removal proceedings do not think they can afford an attorney or feel that it is pointless to have legal representation.

A skilled immigration attorney can provide clients with various defenses that may help them avoid deportation. However, anyone facing deportation should remember that every case is different, and as a result, all outcomes will vary.

SwagatUSA LLC of Chicago, IL, is a law firm dedicated to helping immigrants facing deportation. Our dedicated legal professionals have extensive experience in deportation defense and will fight to protect your rights.

Contact our law office to schedule an initial consultation with a Chicago deportation defense attorney who will gladly review your case and determine what legal strategies may suit your needs.

What are Removal Proceedings?

Removal proceedings are hearings conducted in federal court, during which an immigration judge determines whether an individual should be allowed to remain in the U.S. or be deported.

In most instances, removal proceedings are instigated because the government believes a person is not legally living in the U.S. or has committed an act that revokes their immigration status. One common reason for the government starting removal proceedings is lying on an immigration application, entering the country illegally, or committing crimes such as aggravated felonies.

However, the government must prove its allegations are true and that it has sufficient grounds for removal. If an immigrant fails to appear for a removal proceeding, the judge will most likely approve the government’s request for deportation.

Unfortunately, many immigrants do not realize they have the right to hire a removal defense attorney to represent them.

Our immigration attorneys have in-depth experience representing clients in removal proceedings and filing immigration appeals.

Can Withholding of Removal Prevent Deportation?

Withholding of removal prohibits USCIS from removing immigrants from the U.S. and sending them back to their home country, where their life or freedom would be threatened. Protected grounds that qualify for withholding of removal include:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Political opinion
  • Membership in a particular social group

U.S. law dictates that withholding of removal is mandatory if an individual meets the requirements. However, qualifying for withholding is more challenging than applying for asylum.

Some of the legal issues that may prevent individuals from being granted withholding of removal include:

  • Certain crimes, such as human trafficking, which may present a danger to the community.
  • Persecution of others.
  • Terrorism

It should be understood that individuals granted withholding from removal are not automatically allowed to apply for a green card or later be able to become a naturalized citizen. Additionally, individuals granted withholding of removal status may only travel within the U.S., as they will be barred when trying to re-enter.

If you feel you meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for relief through withholding of removal, it is imperative that you have an attorney represent you.

Our immigration lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in federal courts. SwagatUSA LLC knows what it takes to successfully represent clients in removal proceedings and would be honored to assist you in immigration court.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Deportation Defense Lawyer?

Every year, countless immigrants face deportation. Immigration laws can be confusing and challenging for foreign nationals to try and navigate independently.

For this reason, anyone facing deportation must hire a knowledgeable attorney skilled in handling immigration cases. If you or a loved one have received a notice to appear for a deportation hearing, contact our Chicago deportation defense attorneys immediately.

Some of the benefits of hiring a deportation defense attorney include providing legal representation in immigration court, including:

  • Legal representation in bond hearings for detained immigrants.
  • Cancellation of removal.
  • Suspension or motion to stay deportation.
  • Applying for asylum.
  • Adjustment or readjustment of status.
  • Waivers of inadmissibility of deportability.
  • Adjustment of status.
  • DHS detainer for ICE hold.
  • Voluntary departure

Additionally, if an immigration court denies a motion on a case, a deportation defense attorney can file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals.

SwagatUSA LLC has in-depth knowledge of immigration law and has gained a well-earned reputation for helping clients obtain relief from removal proceedings. Contact our lawyer in Chicago to schedule a meeting so that we may assess your legal needs.

What Makes Your Deportation Defense Attorneys Stand Out Above Others?

SwagatUSA LLC understands that anyone facing removal is likely frightened and uncertain about what can be done to prevent deportation.

Our team of legal professionals has helped numerous clients with their immigration matters and obtained favorable results.

Regardless of why you or your family members may be facing removal proceedings, our immigration lawyers believe in providing clients with high-quality legal services.

We recognize that many clients are unfamiliar with immigration appeals. The immigration court system can be distressing for our clients because so much rests on the case’s outcome.

Our deportation defense attorneys take time to explain how removal proceedings work and what clients should expect. We thoroughly assess cases to determine any weaknesses in the government’s case and what we can do to stop deportation.

If you have received a notice to appear for a removal proceeding, you must hire a deportation defense lawyer immediately.

Contact SwagatUSA LLC, Chicago, IL, law firm at 312-854-7065 to schedule an initial consultation so that we can review your case and determine what legal options suit your needs. A well-qualified legal team member will gladly sit down with you to answer any questions you may have and address your concerns.