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Tourist Visas – Department of State video provides insight on the whys, the updates, and the goals of issuing tourist (visitor) visas.

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Paying attention to this video helps us realize two main things:

1) US wants to issue visitor/tourist visas to raise revenue.

2) US wants to increase the issuance of tourist or visitor visas, especially from upcoming and growing economies.

How can potential applicants use this information to their benefit?  First of all, do not treat the financial component of your application lightly.  Secondly, go in with a positive and confident attitude to your interview because after all, the Department of State WANTS you to visit and spend money in the US.  What makes a real difference is to look at your application from the USA’s perspective.

Questions? Concerns? Have you been rejected in the past? Do you wish to get a second evaluation of the application you have prepared?  Perhaps an attorney review is worth the investment.  The decision is always yours.  My goal is to give you the tools to be best prepared.

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