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“To Honor Immigrants and Their Journey” SwagatUSA in the News

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SwagatUSA’s story was published in CEOBlogNation.com.  Here is what it says:

To Honor Immigrants And Their Journey

An immigrant at age 10, I was thrown into a new world and culture before I could understand how significant of a change it was. Born in India, having never seen snow, I landed foot in America with my family dreaming of snow and American chocolates. I knew nothing about the challenges my family would face or the culture shock I would have to overcome. I remember feeling totally vulnerable and confused when a lady screamed “Go back to your country!” to my mother, whom I so deeply respected. One nagging question remained in my young mind: Why?  I remember learning to ignore the hurtful words, thank those who extended a helpful hand and more than anything, work very hard and get good grades. Good grades and good fortune brought me to study Philosophy at Tufts University and later Law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Somewhere inside of me, I knew my immigrant past would bring me back to help other brave souls who decide to she’d the past and the world they know for an opportunity for their families. A deep understanding of the immigrant struggle and the fantastic transformation a culture-shock brings makes me respect and honor immigrants. So I chose to be an immigration attorney. However, to my disappointment I saw many immigration attorneys who further disenfranchised or on the flip side underestimated immigrants. I knew I wanted a law firm that firmly honored and respected immigrants. A place where differences were welcome. I named my law firm SwagatUSA. “Swagat” means “Welcome” in Sanskrit.

Thanks to Dhenu Savla, Swagat USA!”

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