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How Can I Prepare For an I-106 Interview?

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If you have been denied immigrant status because of unlawful entry or illegal presence into the United States, you may be able to apply for an I-106 hardship waiver. Generally, these waivers are granted because of extreme hardship in the applicant’s country of origin and are based on religious persecution, famine, or economic oppression.

If your I-106 waiver is approved, there are still several more steps that you must complete before obtaining your green card and gaining lawful entry into the U.S. The immigration officer will ask you a variety of questions. How you answer these questions will directly affect your potential to obtain a green card in the future.

It is in your best interest to be prepared for this next step in the I-106 waiver process to continue on your path to citizenship without time-consuming delays.

What Questions May Be Asked During the Interview?

Before the interview begins, you will be required to raise your right hand and swear an oath that you will answer the questions truthfully. The interviewer will ask basic background questions such as your name, date of birth, and where you were born. The interviewer will also most likely ask questions regarding:

  •  Any military background
  •  Education and employment background
  •  Questions regarding any criminal history
  •  Questions regarding religious persecution or economic oppression in your country of origin.

You should never try to lie or evade answering any questions that may be asked of you during the interview. Instead, it is always best to be truthful so that it does not look like you are trying to hide anything from the immigration authorities.

Will I Need to Submit Documentation During the Interview?

You will be required to submit supporting documentation for the I-601 interview. The USCIS requires this information for the processing of I-106 hardship waivers.

Some of the documents that you may be asked to present include:

  •  An I-864 Affidavit of Support.
  •  An Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration (DS-260)
  •  A current medical exam report.
  •  Biometrics report
  •  Current passport

To save time, it is imperative that you have all of your supporting documents in order when you go for your interview. Not only does this reduce the time it takes to complete your immigration process, but it also shows your willingness to cooperate with the authorities.

What is the Next Step if an I-106 Waiver is Approved?

After your I-106 waiver is approved, you must be interviewed for a second time at a consulate. After approval, you will receive a new packet containing information about the next steps you must complete. This packet has instructions about scheduling an appointment at the consulate. You must pay close attention to these instructions for the interview.

After the second interview, the consulate will send a new sealed Immigration Visa Packet to grant an individual entry into the United States for four months. Upon entry into the U.S., the individual will present the packet to immigration authorities, at which time they will stamp the visa. This stamp will serve as a temporary green card until the permanent one arrives.

How Can an Immigration Lawyer Help Me Prepare For My I-106 Waiver Interview?

Unfortunately, many individuals trying to obtain an I-106 hardship waiver make the mistake of not contacting a legal professional to help them prepare for their interview. In most cases, individuals may be intimidated by the cost. However, having an experienced immigration attorney help you prepare can make the difference in your being able to be approved or denied.

Some advice that your attorney may give includes dressing professionally and arriving on time for the interview. Additionally, a knowledgeable attorney can review the types of questions the interviewer will most likely ask and how to answer them best.

To obtain a hardship waiver, you must be ready and open to answering questions. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with an attorney who can ensure that you are fully prepared and that your supporting documentation is complete and in order.

If you want an I-106 hardship waiver, contact our law offices at 773-825-8695 to schedule an appointment. SwagatUSA LLC is dedicated to assisting individuals in immigration matters and would be honored to help you with your legal needs.

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