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A Different Kind of Chicago Immigration Attorney

Immigration challenges come in all shapes and forms, and unfortunately they often come with harsh consequences. Proper representation by a skilled Chicago Immigration attorney is a must in today’s complex legal environment.

We at SwagatUSA help our clients solve their immigration challenges, so that they can enjoy the rights they deserve. If you've found yourself in a position where you're in need of an immigration attorney, we at SwagatUSA can provide you with the best representation possible in Chicago.

Our mission as your Chicago Immigration Lawyer

We work with you to turn your immigration dreams into immigration reality. Whether you are an individual, with your family or a small business, we are here to help you—no matter your location or current immigration status. And throughout the process, we at SwagatUSA will make sure you understand it every step of the way.

Our objectives as your Chicago Immigration Attorney

Keep Your Family Together – We will work together to reunite you with your loved ones, and assist those already here. Even though we’re an immigration Attorney office based in Chicago, our efforts can make real progress around the globe.

Workforce Management – Whether you are looking for new workers, or are striving to maintain your existing staff, we are here to work with you to secure your labor needs. We have the experience you need in an immigration attorney in Chicago.

Planning Your Immigration – We will spend time to understand your background and goals so that we can successfully create the best plan of attack for your individual case. Through this plan, we will work to successfully achieve your goals.

Protecting Your Rights – Above all, we are dedicated to protecting your rights. There are always changes in immigration law, and as Chicago immigration lawyers we remain informed of the details of immigration law so that you get what you deserve.

Our Immigration Law Practice Areas

Family Immigration Attorney Services

Family Immigration in Chicago

When Immigration challenges confront your family, you need answers and options fast. Our skilled team can affordably help solve family immigration issues to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

We do all we can to help family’s tackle issues such as permanent residence(green card), adjustment status, deportation defense, request for evidence, criminal issues affecting immigration, as well as naturalization and citizenship.

Need help filing your legal documents? Contact us.

Chicago Business Immigration Attorney Services

Business Immigration in Chicago

We help businesses as well as entrepreneurs plan for and build successful companies by giving them access to the worldwide talent market. Working closely with our clients, we help plan a strategy to achieve their unique business objectives.

Often, in-depth knowledge of visa and immigration law is required to successfully surmount complex business immigration challenges. We have the experience and the where-with-al to know how to move your business forward in its immigration needs.

Visa Immigration Attorney in Chicago

Visa assistance

We help file visa legal documents for a wide array of needs. Our focused approach allows us to better serve our clients, by allowing us to give them individualized service for better results. We stay abreast of the modern immigration law landscape so our clients have access to the latest programs and opportunities available.

We help file h-1b visas, L-1 visas and many others. If you require help with a visa, please contact us so we can help today.

What our past clients say

What should you expect from a Chicago immigration Attorney?

When you have an immigration legal problem, the best immigration attorneys exhibit the following qualities and characteristics. When immigration law issues arise, the best Immigration attorney you can find is a must.

Attention and Courtesy

Great Chicago immigration attorneys take the time to really understand the full scope of their clients situation. They are respectful and take the time to explain options in a convenient way. The best Chicago immigration lawyers truly understand how stressful these situations are to their clients, and make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

Professionalism and Experience

The high stakes of immigration law require an immigration attorney with professionalism and experience. These tricky issues are not for the inexperienced attorney, and require a deep understanding of case precedent and immigration law procedures.

Commitment and Consideration

Immigration challenges are often very complex, and require an immigration attorney that is committed to a positive result. What’s more, the best Immigration attorneys are driven by their sincere compassion and care for their client’s situation.

Choosing the right Chicago immigration attorney can make all the difference on your case. We at SwagatUSA are there for our clients and do everything possible to resolve issues quickly for a positive result.

What Our Immigration Clients Say About Us!

Immigration Attorney in Chicago Reviews
Working with Dhenu Maru was a wonderful experience. She's very knowledgable, attentive, understanding and knows every nook and corner of the often super-complicated immigration process. I had a seemingly simple adjustment of status case that turned ugly and I would not have my green card today without her. From day one, Dhenu held our hand through the entire application process. During the GC interview the immigration officer told us with a smile to expect the GC within a few weeks, so we thought it was done. However, in 2 weeks I was shocked to receive a letter from the immigration office claiming I had misrepresented my case and asking me to submit the 601 form admitting guilt (when I had no reason to do so) and apply for a misrepresentation/fraud wavier. I was literally freaked out. Instead of trying to increase her billed hours by making me go through extra paperwork, this is when Dhenu truly switched into top gear. She was persistent in maintaining communication with our immigration office. Even though our immigration office was different than her home office of Chicago, through her contacts, we got in touch with the Director at our USCIS office and were able to make our case directly to her. She knew exactly how to word each email and conversation and through experience with various cases, knew how all the scenarios could play out. Most importantly, she knew exactly when to play tough and when to follow procedure. She never treated me like just another case in her practice but realized that literally our livelihood was at risk. Thanks to her efforts our case was cleared and I'm happy to report my green card arrived a week ago!! I am very happy to have worked with Dhenu--if you have an immigration case that's important to you, do yourself a favor and contact Mrs. Maru. Thank you.


Immigration Lawyer in Chicago Reviews
Dhenu helped me get a permanent residency after I got married to my American partner. She is fantastic at her job and is very detail oriented. She focuses on the big picture and makes sure that her clients are well prepared. She is very personable and goes to all lengths to instill confidence in her clients to face the interviews. You won't be disappointed with her! Great job Dhenu and thank you once again for helping me out in this convoluted process. Isabel her assistant was of great help as well.

Jane Evar

Immigration Law Firm in Chicago Reviews
We hired Attorney Dhenu for our Green card application and she dealt with it very professionally. Great communication from the team throughout the process who kept us posted regularly with status updates and filing process requirements. Definitely Recommend her for any immigration issues!!

Jay Chitta

Immigration Lawyers in Chicago Reviews
I'm so happy with the service we received from Mrs. Maru and her team. Navigating the green card process (by marriage) is very complex and having their expert support allowed my husband and I to obtain my green card without any complications. They prepared us well for every step of the journey and were always available for questions. With their help, it was a very straightforward and timely process. I highly recommend Mrs. Maru if you are working on your immigration to the US.


Immigration Attorneys in Chicago Reviews
Dhenu and her assistant, Isabel, were fantastic in guiding us thru the Adjustment of Status process. We had interviewed two other lawyers prior to meeting Dhenu and it was clear to both my wife and me that Dhenu was the right person. She is easy to work with, easy to talk to and genuinely cares. Isabel did a great job helping us get all the proper forms and documents completed and in order.

Rick Wemple

Immigration Law Firms in Chicago Reviews
It was an absolute pleasure working with Dhenu and her team to obtain my husband's green card. Dhenu is a true professional in her field - knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. We felt very supported and prepared during each step of the process. Highly recommended - thank you!


Chicago Immigration Attorney Reviews
After a long drawn out complicated waiver process we are relieved and pleased to say that SwagatUSA came through. We eventually had to leave the country for her interview and were granted a visa the very next day. Athough it costed both financially & emotionally as we did not know what to expect, it was well worth it. We definitely recommend Dhenu & her office for any immigration related cases. Thanks again!

Kassim Saif

Chicago Immigration Lawyer Reviews
I Strongly recommend dhenu for Sevis Reinstatement. She helped me a lot with this procedure. My sevis got terminated because of my initial opt denial. I don't know what to do . I had only 30 days of time to respond . At that time i met dhenu. She explained me about the procedure of sevis reinstatement and guided me well in gathering proofs from every one . We worked together and gathered each and every possible proof and submitted to uscis. A week ago my application got approved by uscis. I don't even get one RFE also. Iam Shocked by seeing my application status online. I can say that She gave me a second life of living in USA. Thank you so much Dhenu.

Kududula Ganesh

Chicag Immigration Law Firm Reviews
I decided to consult with Dhenu after reading many positive reviews online. During our first phone consultation I made it clear that I am married to a man and I am filing my green card application as a gay man. Dhenu was very confident in my case and she showed full support during entire process. We had a in-person interview with my spouse in SwagatUSA's office which is conveniently located in Lincoln park area. One of the things that was very important to us was the ability to upload our information and supporting documents online. Although the website that SwagatUSA uses is basic it does get the job done. In past I have done work/study related petitions by myself so it was a relief to have a full team to double check my forms/documents and mail them on time. We also found the mock interview part of the process very helpful. I want to give a big shoutout to Isabel. She is very helpful and polite to work with. She had been very quick to respond to all emails I sent. Overall we received great service and we highly recommend SwagatUSA. `

Yogesh Vedpathak

Immigration Attorney Chicago Reviews
Applied for Reinstatement and got approval after 2 RFE's. Working with Dhenu: She takes special interest in our case, we love her fighting spirit, She motivates with her dedication towards work. We fought for almost 1 year by submitting documents and proof's for initial and both RFE's. This gonna be hectic for other so called big firms and keep on bugs us for fees, but when it comes to Dhenu she will be excited and face the issue with her experience. Going to Swagat is like Winning a Case. I highly refer Dhenu for all immigration Issues.

Trinil Kumar

Immigration Lawyer Chicago Reviews
Thanks Dhenu! Our case was very smooth, and you guys were beyond helpful. My husband and I will be referring others your way.

Modern Woman

Immigration Attorney Reviews
Dhenu Maru is a consummate professional when it comes to matters of US immigration. My partner and I entrusted her with our green card application and she handled it very efficiently, answering our questions at every stage and keeping us informed of developments throughout the process. What's more impressive about that was the fact that my partner and I were living on opposite ends of the country while Dhenu is based in Chicago. That did not stop her from earning my trust and confidence swiftly. The way she prepped us for our interview really taught us a lot of lessons that came in handy during the actual interview. This is a person who has handled several complicated immigration cases and she KNOWS HER STUFF. Should we ever need an immigration lawyer to represent us in future, I'd happily return to her.

Vikram Srinivasan

Immigration Lawyer Reviews
I hope this review will particularly help scholars who have applied for an OPT or STEM Extension and received an RFE on it and are completely confused as to how to proceed with it. I received an RFE on my STEM extension with USCIS demanding more evidence on my job as a research assistant under my professor. It is a tricky situation as USCIS might reject your application if you do not provide sufficient evidence to justify that you have met all the requirements for a job. Even though one might have been meticulous with following all the rules, it is very important to present everything in the right manner to justify your case. Dhenu is one of a very few attorneys who exactly know what they are doing and she takes the extra effort to make sure that the case she addresses has a positive outcome. Although I had never violated any rule regarding my OPT, I was a bit worried after reading online about a lot of genuine cases that were rejected. Right from the point Dhenu took my case, she made me feel optimistic. I was amazed by the sources from which she was able to gather evidences for my case. After reading the final RFE response that she put together, I realized that if I had done it myself, I definitely would not have been able to assert my position so strongly. As expected, my RFE was cleared and my extension was approved. I would sincerely recommend Dhenu for anyone who is in need of an attorney for immigration related cases. Most times an RFE indirectly points out that you need to seek help and finding the right attorney is crucial as it is a one time opportunity to present yourself. Today I am writing this review with a sigh of relief that I made the right choice.

Rajagopal Jayaram

Immigration Lawyers Reviews
Hi , my wife's visa has been issued on 18th Nov 2015. Swagat USA took good care of my wifes case and returned my calls and queries quickly.They were not expensive either. They studied my complex case and assured me positively and had me prepared documents which greatly helped my case. I am big time fan of their company now. I highly recommend their services. At first I had thought of getting a local Lawyer but when I had a phone conversation with Dhenu , my gut feeling told me to go with her company . They also worked with me on payment.Great job Dhenu and others in her company .Special thanks to Jennifer who was dealing my case. Thanks .

Priyadarshi Upadhyaya

Our Immigration Law Practice Areas

Family Immigration Attorney Services

Some of our family immigration lawyer services include.

  • Family based Visas
  • Permanent Residence(Green Card)
  • Citizenship and Naturalization
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Removal Cases
  • Deportation Defense
  • Request for Evidence
  • Unlawful Presence Waivers
  • Victims of Crimes/Violence

Business Immigration Attorney Services

We help businesses keep moving forward, by helping them plan for the future and tackle current challenges. We help businesses and entrepreneurs connect with the global talent pool so they can be competitive as ever.

Some of our business immigration lawyer services include.

  • H-1B Visas
  • E-2 Visas
  • L-1 Visas
  • TN Visas
  • O-1 Visas
  • P-Class Visas
  • J-1 Visas
  • Eb Visas
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