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H-1b season FY 2021 update

Posted on February 18th, 2020

FY 2021 H-1B Registration Process: Important Information and Dates With H-1B cap season fast approaching, it’s important to be aware of the significant changes in the lottery process and important dates. While in previous years, Petitioners were required to file full H-1B Petitions by mail in order to enter into the lottery, this year the […]


Proposed H-1b Changes for the 2019 Fiscal Year

Posted on December 7th, 2018

The last two years saw a number of modifications of H-1b rules and interpretations.  We saw a high number of H-1bs that took well beyond Oct 1st to be adjudicated (some are still pending!), we saw Level 1 and Level 2 issues surface ad nauseam in various forms. We saw a high bar for what […]


You didn’t get picked in H-1b lottery. Now what?

Posted on May 11th, 2017

This is a question we hear often. What can someone do if they’re not selected in the H-1b lottery? Here are some options to consider. 1) STEM extension of OPT. If you’re on an F-1 OPT and eligible for STEM extension this should be an obvious option. 2) F1. Go back to school if there’s […]


What is a false claim to citizenship? What does it mean and what are the consequences?

Posted on November 4th, 2014

One of the questions on the N-400 application for citizenship asks: “Have you ever claimed to be a US Citizen (in writing or any other way)?” This simple Yes or No question can present a major problem if the answer is ever “Yes“. So when is the answer ever a yes? What is the full […]


Obama’s executive order on immigration. What does it mean for you?

Posted on August 11th, 2014

It’s all over the news if you have been paying attention, and has caused a significant amount of debate regarding whether or not President Obama can use Executive Powers to make changes to Deportation enforcement.  In case you haven’t heard, take a look here:  “Obama is Preparing to Make One of the Boldest Moves of […]


Applying for Same-Sex Marriage-Based Green Cards

Posted on August 1st, 2014

Since the fall of DOMA, the immigration possibilities of same-sex couples where one happens to be of a different nationality have greatly increased.  We at SwagatUSA are thrilled to be able to assist a number of same-sex couples in their life goals by resolving their immigration issues!  However, a few challenges still remain.  Here I […]


How does criminal history affect Immigration? Moral Turpitude, Shoplifting, Retail Theft, and Immigration

Posted on April 15th, 2014

As promised in my previous blog post, I wanted to offer a solution for some people accused of shoplifting or other similar crimes involving moral turpitude. If you haven’t seen that post, you can see it here. So, if it is only your first time that you have been accused of this crime. Maybe you […]


How Shoplifting affects Immigration Law. What Immigrants Need to Know.

Posted on December 1st, 2013

The Holidays are coming. We can feel it everywhere. All the stores are stocking up, sales are buzzing everywhere, holiday lights and music fill the air. What does this all have to do with immigration? Well, I’ll get to that. Shoplifting and that pesky petty theft (retail theft) presents a special problem for immigrants. Now, […]