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Client Review:

We were applying a Green card through marriage based. After our priority date began current we did not know what the next step is. There are information in immigration website but we did not know proper process. We went to Swagat USA. From the beginning Dhenu and her team understood our situation and handled very well. Very professional, worked timely manner and took care the case with detail. Dhenu gave us helpful advice and always ready for help.

I would recommend Dhenu and her Swagat USA team for immigration matter.

Excellent immigration attorney who cares and informs

Client Review:

My husband and I worked with Dhenu for my Green Card petition, and we had a really positive experience. That is not to say that the process was easy — it could not be further from the truth. We had some major issues with my birth certificate (I am a Chinese citizen and in China, we do not have birth certificates, period). This hurdle first presented itself as a Request for Further Evidence, and later caused some misunderstanding between the immigration office and me during the interview process. However, Dhenu was able to work with us through these challenging issues, and took time to explain to us what is happening, why it is happening, and what needs to be done. We really appreciate not only the professionalism that Dhenu and her team demonstrated, but also the personalized care and attention that we got.

The highlight of our case was that, due to the initial unsuccessful interview, we asked Dhenu to represent us at the second interview. At this 2nd interview, the immigration officer (who was new and a little confused on some of the laws) was being difficult, and Dhenu was able to challenge her in a most professional way. I firmly believe that it is Dhenu’s assertion and knowledgeable presence at our second interview that got us the approval. For anyone who will go through the interview, I highly recommend that you take Dhenu with you!

Having worked with quite a number of incompetent attorneys in the past for my H1B petition, I feel very lucky that Dhenu was so helpful. I love that she takes time to explain and to communicate.

Dhenu is a wonderful attorney who really cares. I enjoyed the experience and would definitely go back to her for the removal of conditions and naturalization processes.

Overcoming obstacles

Client Review:

We were frustrated when a recently recruited and highly valued employee was denied an H-1b visa. We decided to look for a second opinion from a new attorney and appeal the decision. Fortunately, we found Dhenu Maru and SwagatUSA. Dhenu took a completely different approach from that taken by the previous attorney we had worked with. In fact, rather than appeal the denial, she convinced us to start a new application, walked us through the process of composing a comprehensive response to a government “Request For Evidence”, and ultimately helped us secure an approval for the H-1b visa despite the previous denial. Mrs. Maru was professional and personable, and her fresh approach to the application process was crucial to our success.

Highly recommend working with Mrs. Maru. She made all the difference in my immigration

Client Review:

Working with Dhenu Maru was a wonderful experience. She’s very knowledgeable, attentive, understanding and knows every nook and corner of the often super-complicated immigration process. I had a seemingly simple adjustment of status case that turned ugly and I would not have my green card today without her. From day one, Dhenu held our hand through the entire application process. During the GC interview the immigration officer told us with a smile to expect the GC within a few weeks, so we thought it was done. However, in 2 weeks I was shocked to receive a letter from the immigration office claiming I had misrepresented my case and asking me to submit the 601 form admitting guilt (when I had no reason to do so) and apply for a misrepresentation/fraud wavier. I was literally freaked out. Instead of trying to increase her billed hours by making me go through extra paperwork, this is when Dhenu truly switched into top gear.

She was persistent in maintaining communication with our immigration office. Even though our immigration office was different than her home office of Chicago, through her contacts, we got in touch with the Director at our USCIS office and were able to make our case directly to her. She knew exactly how to word each email and conversation and through experience with various cases, knew how all the scenarios could play out. Most importantly, she knew exactly when to play tough and when to follow procedure. She never treated me like just another case in her practice but realized that literally our livelihood was at risk. Thanks to her efforts our case was cleared and I’m happy to report my green card arrived a week ago!! I am very happy to have worked with Dhenu–if you have an immigration case that’s important to you, do yourself a favor and contact Mrs. Maru. Thank you.

I-601 case review

Client Review:

I was referred to Dhenu Maru by an Uncle who attended an Immigration seminar with her. I was in desperate need of help by this time. I had received a letter requesting more information of why my daughter and I needed my husband here with us. There were mistakes on our paperwork that was filed by a previous Notary who was helping us. When I tried to reach the previous Notary for help she blamed everything on me! I did not care who’s fault it was, I just needed help. My husband had left my daughter of three weeks and I to go to Cuidad Juarez so I was left to be the bread winner, leaving me no time to do everything myself. I also had no idea what to do. As soon as I called Dhenu she answered all my questions and assured me everything would be fine. She is very easy to get a hold of and very reliable. No matter how much I called she has always had time to listen to me and help me. She also did not charge me a ridiculous amount to help. There are no words to describe how much she has helped us. Now, only a few months later, my husband has been approved! He will be coming home again! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an Immigration lawyer. She is very patient and always had an answer for me. God Bless her.

H1B visa issue

Client Review:

It was really nice consulting Dhenu Maru , she is not only experienced immigration attorney but also of course a great personality too. The great thing about her is, she does understand visitors and clients as I noticed in my case and give time to explain and advise accordingly.All thanks to her and her precious time and advises.

I Would surely recommend people who are facing with immigration problems for consulting Immigration Attorney Dhenu Maru.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Client Review:

Dhenu Maru helped me apply for Deferred Action and get my work permit. I am very happy I decided to go with Dhenu, she did an amazing job, very professional. I could not have asked for more. She took the time to know about me, and she made sure all my questions were answered before getting to work on the application. During the process she kept me well informed and was in constant communication with me. I’m so glad I chose Dhenu, simply the best!

Professional and great

Client Review:

I contacted Dhenu last minute for help with my brother’s immigration interview and she was so helpful and flexible. She accommodated us in every way and communicated with us promptly and efficiently. My brother received his green card this week. Great experience overall.

Dhenu gave us really good advice

Client Review:

We were really tense about our current situation and were not sure how we would manage it. We had lots of questions in our mind. Dhenu gave us really good advice and information that we were not aware of. Now we are relaxed and we can focus on our goals.

My Solution Angel. I recommend Dhenu Maru!

Client Review:

When I got disapointed from all attornies, she really helped me.

Wonderful to work with Dhenu

Client Review:

She handled my case with professionalism and a touch of personal care. she answered all my questions and gave very helpful advise whenever I got in touch with her. i recommend Dhenu Maru. Thank you Dhenu.

I would highly recommend Dhenu Maru

Client Review:

Dhenu Maru help me apply for the deferred action, I was tense and she put me at ease .Dhenu takes the time to get to know you to see the best possible way to help you .She makes you feel comfortable and its easy to talk to her. Dhenu kept me informed and stayed in touch through out the whole process.I would highly recommend Dhenu Maru.

Great immigration lawyer

Client Review:

Dhenu was so helpful, supportive and honest. Even though my case was difficult she handled with care and helped me keep my nerves in check. I would totally recommend her to anyone and if I could choose, I would have Dhenu work on all of my immigration cases.

Very knowledgeable immigration laywer

Client Review:

I spoke to Dhenu for my I-130 & 485 processing, for which she helped me move in the right direction and gave wonderful insights. She is very knowledgeable and helpful in immigration matters. I strongly recommend her for your immigration needs..


Client Review:

I met Attorney Dhenu during processing of my H1b through Swagat USA. Dhenu was not only knowledgeable, reliable, reasonably priced and efficient but she also truly cared and understood her client requirements. She understands the dynamics of both for profit and not for profit organizations and accompanying paper work that needs to be done to get positive response from USCIS during your immigration journey. She was also very prompt in responding to my questions not to mention during late at night or during weekends. I would highly recommend her for any immigration matter.